See what Solar Blaze can do for you

To better provide our limited clientele with the absolute best service, the Solar Blaze unique Software as a Service is only available by invitation. We work exclusively with solar businesses of a particular size and motivation.

For additional information about how your company can sign up, apply today to get a better feel for what we do and see if we are a good fit.

“Our numbers are up, my team is happy and it’s easier for me to track the progress of all my sales reps. Solar Blaze took us only one day to learn and about a week to master.”

Lewis Curt, Unlimited Power

Solar Blaze unlocks the full potential of your Solar Sales team and streamlines the sales process by:

  • Creating Custom Accurate Proposals with nothing but accuracy
  • Turning Panels On and Off in Real-Time with Interactive System Design
  • Accessing All Tools Needed to Close on the Spot
  • Integrating Options with Top Financiers, plus Custom & Niche Possibilities
  • Instantly Calculating & Shifting Energy Production, Savings & Financing
  • Branding Your Logo, Colors, Licenses, and Process into your Proposals